Optimo in The Bernard Shaw

by sarahelmjones

Dj duo Optimo played in the Bernard Shaw last night/yesterday as part of the Beatyard weekend. They were the business. So much fun that I wish I’d been there earlier. Heading out while it was still bright was perfectly wonderful and so summery.

Especially after an experiment with a bottle of Decolour leaving my hair the exact shade of a pair of 16 year old girls who split a bottle of Sun-in. I shan’t even begin to describe the bang of sulphur offov the product. Ew.

But having shit hair and going out when it was sunny felt like doing my part for the 90s trend that’s apparently happening right now.

Optimo did their bit for it too. Good on yous.

There will never be any dancing as good as dancing that happens in a crammed area with a low ceiling. Thank you The Cellar Tramore circa early 2000s and The Bernard Shaw a couple of times.

And this is one of my new favourite music blogs Irelandchoons.biz, enjoy.